To see an Xbox Live Arcade game removed from the marketplace isn’t uncommon. By our counts over 30 have been delisted since the Xbox 360 launched in 2005. Reasons for their removal vary. Some companies go south, some games have licensed technology or trademarks that have expired contracts, and yet others are delisted for other reasons. Six victims have recently been claimed by the delisting epidemic.

Sega Rally Online Arcade, a game we really enjoyed, was pulled some time late last month. It’s odd for Sega, who is so keen on Xbox Live Arcade, to pull one of their titles. We’re guessing that the contract(s) with the vehicle manufacturer(s) expired and it had to fall the same way as OutRun Online Arcade. Inferno Pool fell roughly around the same time. It’s developer Dark Energy Digital, closed its doors earlier this year allegedly due to poor sales of Hydrophobia. The game, which oddly enough is still listed on the marketplace, received polar reviews from critics and spawned a very public argument between the Hydrophobia creative director Deborah Jones, Edge magazine and Destructoid’s Jim Sterling.

Other casualties include Merv Griffin’s Crosswords, which no longer has so much as an listing, Roogoo, and Screwjumper!, which also is without a listing.  But perhaps the strangest delisting is that of Kung Fu Strike, which was released on September 5. The listing now shows the game’s release date as June 12, 2012 and holds no available content for the game.