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  • 101 Ways to Die — In this puzzle platformer you help mad scientist, Professor Splattunfuder piece back together his lost recipe book featuring 101 ways to kill his enemies. We rated it “Reader’s Choice” – was $9.99, is now $5.00
  • Adam’s Venture: Origins – A remastered version of the original with better graphics and new gameplay. Set in the 1920’s, this is an action adventure puzzle game where you explore ancient ruins in search of artifacts. Was $29.99, is now $9.90
  • Blackwood Crossing – A story-driven first-person adventure game in which Scarlett, examines her relationship with her brother as she and the world around her undergo dramatic changes. Players will help Scarlett get to the bottom of the rift that has developed between the two but will there be enough time to salvage the relationship? We rated it “Highly Recommended.” Was $15.99, is now $11.19
  • Claire: Extended Cut — Claire stumbles upon a dark passage of doors and rooms and needs to find her way back. This game features a panic-based horror system that reacts to your decisions and Claire’s panic levels. We rated it, “Reader’s Choice” – was $14.99, is now $4.95
  • Marble Void — A retro style 3D platformer attempting to capture what made games like Marble Madness and Marble Blast Ultra so fun. There are over 40 levels with various difficulties as well as additional mini-games such as orb drop and endless mode. The game also features a level editor. Was $4.99, is now $3.34
  • Super Comboman: Smash Edition — In this 2D action-fighting game, players take on the role of Struggles, a working class hero, as he battles an army of enemies and mega bosses from a massive construction organization called DoDoCo. The more enemies Struggles defeats the more cash and fighting upgrades can be unlocked making him an unstoppable warrior for the people. Was $14.99, is now $8.99
  • Team17 Indie Collection — This bundle includes: The Escapists, Overruled!, OlliOlli2: XL Edition, LA Cops, Beyond Eyes, The Escapists: The Walking Dead, Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark, Sheltered, Not a Hero: Super Snazzy Edition, and Penarium. Was $149.99, is now $97.49
  • The Jackbox Party Quadpack — This bundle includes all the Jackbox Party Packs (1, 2, 3, and 4). Jackbox Party Packs feature humorous party games that include trivia, drawing, bluffing, and more. Players use controllers or their phones to play. Was $99.99, is now $74.99
  • Time Recoil — A top-down shooter where you kill to slow down time. The mission is to save the world from Mr. Time, a time manipulating mad scientist turned evil dictator. Shoot, dodge, and dash through his evil empire guns blazing and unleash your super powers! Was $13.99, is now $8.39
  • Worms Anniversary Edition — Includes the Worms Battlegrounds as well as Worms W.M.D, Worms W.M.D. All-Stars Pack, and Alien Invasion DLC. Was $59.49, is now $41.64

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