Busy, busy week, the new year is well on its way and you know what that means, the news mill is slowly starting to churn again. It also means, every week we will have more and more to catch up on, both old and new. We meet a new kittie, a few actors and lots of new heroes in the week’s edition of the Sunday Roundup.

Has-Been Heroes
A new side-scrolling “rogue-like” strategy game developed by Frozenbyte. You and your team of washed up legionaries must escort the king’s twin princesses to their academy. GameTrust is publishing it in March for $19.99.

Hunters Legacy
A 2D hack-n-slash platformer where you get to play as a cat! You can pre-order it now or pick it up when it comes out on January 20th, either way; it’s still $6.99.

Knee Deep
An actor hangs himself in his trailer while filming a movie in the backwoods. Now you must investigate to find out what happened and uncover the secrets of this little town. This episodic story comes out on January 31st for $14.99 and can be pro-ordered now.

Wrap up: