I can’t believe it has been a whole week already, it feels like just yesterday I was handing out flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Well you know what happens here, we catch up on everything we missed and gather up everything we did, all in one simple to digest post. Welcome to this weeks edition of the Sunday Roundup.

Inversus 1.5
A new and unique multiplayer attack-puzzler, where you must swap the color of the board to trap and kill your opponent while avoiding the same fate.

Carl Faubert is a private investigator who is slowly unraveling a mystery much larger than he expected in this narrative-driven, first-person, mystery-drama. You will be able to pick this up digitally starting Marth 17th.

Lock’s Quest
Bringing a twist to the tower defense genre, blending elements of both the RTS and RPG world is scheduled for release this April.

A new extreme platformer is coming our way with over 200 levels to master on your journey to find your way out of the giant worm that ate you.

This is the Police
You are Police Chief Jack Boyd, a corrupt cop trying to reach retirement alive and with some of the dirty cash you have earned still in your pocket.Developed by THQ Nordic, this detective mystery will be available both at retail and digitally on March 22nd.

Ultimate Chicken Horse
A co-op/versus platformer where the goal is simple, get to the flag. If you get the flag, but the opponent doesn’t, you get the point, that’s it. How this is tricky is each time you both reach the flag, you will each get to add new elements to the level, wall, box, weapon, etc. you get the idea. Coming in Q3 of this year.

Wrap up:



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