It’s Sunday everyone, and you know what that means, it’s roundup time. In this weekly post, we put together everything worth mentioning that we didn’t get posted. We also link to everything we did around the web, whether on this site or one of the other places you can find us like YouTube or Twitch.

Beast Quest

Beast Quest is a long running book series that started in 2007 and has books announced all the way through 2018. Developer Maximum Games is bringing the world of Avantia to life in a new action-adventure RPG slated for October 31st of this year.

Children of Morta

As a member of the Bergson family, it is your job to return peace to Mount Morta in this hack and slash adventure coming from 11 bit studios in 2018.


The newest update, Corruption is live bringing with it a new hero, Oru, a fortunate teller with a deadly deck of tarot cards. Also being introduced in this update is custom lobbies, push-to-talk, and a new mechanic called Creature Gestation” which will give “players a window to attack and counter enemy creatures while they are still vulnerable.”

Gurdians of the Galaxy

More Than a Feeling, the third episode in Marvel’s Gurdians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, will be available on Tuesday August 29 for $4.99.

Pinball FX 3
It has been confirmed by Zen Studios that matchups, tournaments, and leaderboards will all be cross platform between Xbox One, Steam and WIndows 10. Zen Studios has also confirmed several tables that will be available for import from older versions of their pinball games, and sadly, a few tables that have been confirmed to not be crossing over. You can find the fool list of tables in the chart below:

Raiders of the Broken Planet

MercurySteam has announced they are releasing the prologue to Raiders of the Broken Plane on September 22 for FREE! You will have access to both single player and online-multiplayer, plus two full missions across four stages. The first story campaign, Alien Myths will also release on September 22 for $9.99, it will add new characters, missions and it’s a stand-alone story.


You are Roq, you have awoken evil, now you must save the world with the help of your robot Jib. Being developed by Wizard Fu, a man studio, Songbringer is a pixel art action RPG heavily inspired by Zelda. Using a unique “six-letter world seed” each playthrough the layout of the overworld and the things in it will be different. You will be able to play this by yourself or locally with a friend starting next month on the 5th of September.

Spintires: MudRunner

Coming this October you will be able to jump into the driver’s seat of 19 different off-road vehicles and head out traverse the world. Armed with nothing more than your wit and a compass, you must figure out how to successfully get across the environment.