Time for another Sunday Roundup, where we gather up anything we missed that is noteworthy and link to everything we posted.

Sorry for the late post, my family arrived much sooner than expected. They also left earlier than expected too. So I guess that’s more of a win than a fail.

Anyways, that’s not why you’re here is it, I didn’t think so. You’re here like always to catch up on what we missed and what you missed this week. Kind of a dead week for things we missed, but I did manage to scrape up a little info on space truck drivers, a “cloaked” expansion coming and a new trailer that “dreams of another world.”


Dreamfall: Chapters

Developer Deep Silver released a new trailer for Dreamfalls: Chapters, the sequel to Dreamfalls: The Longest Journey, highlighting the parralel worlds that you exist in. The sequel will hit the Microsoft Marketplace next month on May 5th.

Elite Dangerous

This newest update to the space-trucker-sim Elite Dangerous is here and live on the Xbox servers as I type. This new update now allows you to play multiplayer as a crew on one space-truck as well as adds the new Halo-me which is a full customization sweet for your driver to make him look any which way you would like. The folks at Frontier Developments have added much more in this update and have gone into full detail on their blog about what you can expect in the update 2.3, The Commanders.


This week The Cloaked Ascendancy hit Xbox One, a new expansion for ,em>Neverwinter picking up after the events of Storm King Thunder. Below you can see a list of what’s new and included in this free update:
New Adventure Zone: Following its recent reclamation, the River District becomes home to the Cloaked Ascendancy, with various areas reflecting the mage occupying them.
New Campaign: Reclaim the River District from the Cloaked Ascendancy one quest at a time to help return it to the bustling economic center it was before the eruption of Mt. Hotenow.
Spellplague Caverns Dungeon: The Cloaked Ascendancy culminates in a return to an original Neverwinter location for a master dungeon where players will face off with members of the Cloaked Ascendancy. Both the new master and returning leveling versions of the dungeon yield new loot.
New Skirmish: “The Illusionist’s Gambit” offers a dynamic challenge for both max and low-level adventurers. Enemies, settings, and challenges will shift randomly each round, creating new experiences every playthrough.
New Artifact Weapons: Players can earn four new weapon sets harnessing the power of the Cloaked Ascendancy mages. Harness the power of the Far Realm with the Mirage, Fey, Lifeforged and Aboleth weapons.

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