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The Inner World review: gone with the wind

By  •  March 29, 2017

The Inner World takes place in a universe composed of an endless amount of soil, save for one large hallowed-out sphere. This place is called Asposia, home to a human-like race …
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Timbleweed Park coming out March 30th

By  •  February 27, 2017

Timbleweed Park is a pixelated mystery adventure game, being made by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, masterminds behind great titles like Maniac Mansion and the Monkey Island. Timbleweed Park is …
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Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood review: Point and click, click, click

By  •  January 5, 2017

Enigmatis 2 is not the kind of point and click adventure game that I’m used to. This is not a game filled with frustrating, obtuse item puzzles like the Monkey Island games, …
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Yesterday Origins Review: Classic adventuring

By  •  December 28, 2016

I remember falling out with point and click games after having to construct a trampoline to reach second floor window, out of prosthetic skin which could only be acquired by …
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November Games with Gold announced

By  •  October 24, 2016

Still waiting for the announcement of this week’s Deals with Gold, but in the meantime, check out the newly confirmed November Games with Gold. Please remember that an Xbox Live …
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Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek review: Scary for the Wrong Reasons

By  •  April 12, 2016

Ever since The Secret of Monkey Island, point-and-click adventures have been a staple in video games. It’s a niche that refuses to fade out thanks to an ever-present fan base. …
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Xbox One’s list of 100+ backwards compatible 360 games includes a lot of XBLA games

By  •  November 9, 2015

Microsoft has officially revealed the first 104 Xbox 360 games that you will be able to play on your Xbox One. As luck would have it, more than half of them are from Xbox Live Arcade, which of course we are big fans of. Read More

Stick it to The Man review (Xbox One)

By  •  September 16, 2014

Stick It to The Man! was developed and published by Zoink Games. It was released August 28, 2014 on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for $9.99. An Xbox One copy was provided for review purposes.


It has been an awfully long time since the likes of Braid, Limbo and Super Meat Boy first began to demonstrate just how innovative and enjoyable smaller, digitally delivered titles could be. Unbelievably, though, there are still independent studios out there that continue to push the envelope. With Stick it to the Man!, Zoink games have done exactly that, delivering an entertaining, polished and highly amusing puzzle/platform game that oozes originality from every pore.

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Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition review (Xbox One)

By  •  July 8, 2014

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition was developed by Martial Hesse-Dreville and Éric Chahi and published by The Digital Lounge. It was released on June 25th, 2014 on Xbox One and is priced at £6.39/$9.99. An Xbox One copy was provided for review purposes.

Another World_ Logo highresThe nature of video games has changed a lot since the original version of Another World (A.K.A Out of this World) was released on the Amiga and Atari ST back in 1991. For a start, even the humblest of modern consoles is almost immeasurably powerful in comparison to the systems available when Delphine Studio’s original game made its debut. The Sci-Fi worlds that these systems play host to are often unimaginably vast, with incredible three-dimensional graphics and rich, uncompressed digital audio to bring them to life. Gamers have changed as well – no longer is enjoying digital media reserved only for solitary fourteen year old boys with thick rimmed spectacles and a math degree. On the contrary, in fact – games are now played by almost everyone from the average adult male, to his mates, to his girlfriend and in some cases, even his mum! So, in an era of casual gaming and high definition, can this carefully crafted remake of an ultra-hard classic still make an impact on today’s audience?

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Ron Gilbert leaves Double Fine

By  •  March 12, 2013

Legendary video game designer Ron Gilbert announced yesterday via his blog that he has parted ways with Double Fine Productions. The news comes just shy of two months after …
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