You know those songs you come across in a game sometimes that are so good that you find a safe spot, put the controller down and just listen to the music? Those moments where you completely forget what you are doing while you are mesmerized by the melody? Well that’s what this list is dedicated to. Those moments in gaming where the music captures your attention and your imagination. Moments of music so good, you wish the level would never end. Music so captivating that you hum these songs to yourself for days, weeks, months or years later. These are the top five in-game songs in XBLA.

5). SonicPicnic – Rocket Riot Theme (Rocket Riot)

Not too many people know of the hidden gem that is Rocket Riot on XBLA. And within the gem that is the game is another gem that is the theme song, very meta. If you have played this game, then there is no doubt that you have walked around singing “Rocket Riot, Rocket Riot!” to yourself before. The flow of this song greeting you at the start menu does a great job of hinting to the upcoming insane pace the game is waiting to unleash. With a rotating soundtrack in place, it is an absolute joy every time this song makes it way to the front of the games musical rotation.

4). Shira Kammen – Downstream (Braid)

Shira Kammen in a multi instrumentalists just oozing with talent. Her work on Braid is a masterpiece and the initial song “Downstream” echoes the relaxing pace and style of Braid perfectly. Sometimes it’s easier to sit and truly think of a solution to a puzzle when you have music like “Downstream” playing in the background. Braid is an incredibly artistic experience from every angle including the soundtrack. Shira Kammen composes great pieces and her work on Braid is simply beautiful.

3). Anamaguchi – Another Winter (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game)

If you’re a fan of the sounds of the 8-bit era, then you surely you’ve heard of chip tune powerhouse Anamanaguchi. They’re well known for composing the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game among many other things. And as Scott Pilgrim opens up, the first song you’ll hear is “Another Winter” which sets a perfect mood. The game is fast paced, non-stop action and soundtrack matches that theme and them some. The Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game soundtrack actually debuted at #3 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Now that’s power!

2). Diasterpiece – Adventure (Fez)

By now, we all know how amazing Fez is and most players are probably just as impressed by the game’s soundtrack as they are the game itself. From the moment you start Fez and take control of Gomez, “Adventure” let’s you know that you are about to embark on one of the most unique explorations you have ever experienced in a game. “Adventure” is full of wonder that will surely grab your sole focus and help you forget everything else around you. From start to finish, Fez is nothing short of incredible and the soundtrack is just as impressive.

1). Darren Korb & Ashley Barrett – Build the Wall (Bastion)

If you’ve played Bastion, then you know this song. This is most likely the most popular song from an XBLA title ever and justifiably so. The moment you first discover the area in Bastion where this song slowly fades in is one of those moments you’ll never forget. Then if you are lucky enough to find the gramophone in Bastion, you can sit and listen to it all day long. Everything in Bastion is amazing from the art style to the narrator to the music. Listen for yourself. And then go here to buy the soundtrack, you know you’re going to want to :)

For those that are now crying foul that your favorite song wasn’t included you can all rest assured that your selections might make it in to next Friday’s Top Five list which will be the Top Five XBLA End Game Songs. These are in-game songs that help paint a picture or set the mood. Next week will focus on those songs that play during the credits that are just as unforgettable. So be sure to check back next week and also be sure to share your feelings about this list in the comments below.