The moment you first enter into Fortnite’s Playground mode, it can be a bit overwhelming as to what you will want to do. With the absolute freedom to do pretty much anything you want, the possibilities seem almost endless. The mode only allows players one hour to play around and do whatever they’d like before the storm comes in and the game ends. Granted, you can start the mode again immediately, but all previous endeavors will be wiped and you’ll need to start over. Most people who enter the playground for the first time will find themselves just messing around, not really getting into much depth of everything they could be doing. Now that the mode has added ATKs (All Terrain Karts), allowed for an abundance of ammo and weapon drops out of chests and ammo crates and further increased the number of launch pads and bounce pads that spawn, it is even easier to do interesting things in such a short time. Here are five fun activities that you can do right now in Fortnite’s Playground mode.

Releasing your inner Michaelangelo

Chances are, during the time you’re building or editing in Fortnite’s battle royale mode, it’s happening at a time when you’re busy avoiding enemy fire or just trying to get a height advantage. Other than that, there’s really no time to build yourself a nice relaxing home or give one of the many different locations in the game a much-needed renovation (We’re looking at you Dusty Divot!). Thankfully, playground mode allows the player to destroy and rebuild almost everything. Gathering the materials to build has been made as simple as destroying 3 – 5 trees, structures, etc. to max out your materials. Even if you want to completely destroy a city and re-create it as your own location, you’re free to do so. Want to destroy Tilted Towers? With as many times as it’s destruction has been teased at this point, we wouldn’t blame you.

Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch

Your immediate question may be, how would deathmatch even be possible on a map of Fortnite’s size? The answer to that is by merely limiting where you can fight. Here’s what you do. First, decide on the location or locations you want to fight. Most likely you’ll want a big city like Tilted towers or two small areas right next to each other such as Haunted Hills and Junk Junction. Next, put a few walls up to indicate the barrier in which players must stay in. After that, decide on some rules regarding combat. This can be anything, such as snipers only, no building, only using ramps to get to higher terrain, etc.  Granted, you could just play free for all with all weapons and items being fair game. One helpful suggestion, however, is to set up a few launch pads to make not only traveling long distances much quicker but also to make a drop on your opponent much more interesting. You can even set rules such as no camping loot after death, to make your next life fair. The funniest strategy to try comes from strapping two remote explosives onto a shopping cart, pushing it into a building you know your friend is hiding in, and setting it off. Boom!

ATK or Shopping Cart Races

Shopping carts have been present in the game since the playground mode was first introduced back in season 4. Now with the addition of ATKs into the game and the newly designed race track area, players have all they need to compete for true racer glory. Let’s be honest; even if the track already built into the game doesn’t work for you, you can simply build your own race track. Obviously, the more people there are, the faster you can construct your own custom track to race on. If it’s only you and one other friend, it can be near impossible to put something together before the time ends or the storms already on its way. That being said, a track isn’t always required. Consider starting a sprint.  Who can make it from Risky Reels to Flush Factory first? You choose your own route and either you (or your wingman if you have one) is required to build ramps and platforms to guide you through treacherous obstacles, getting you to the finish line safely. Not allowing building can make it much more interesting.

Obstacle Courses / Death Courses

The best way to take advantage of the building materials and the different tools you have available to you is to build an obstacle course. Building one in a lobby where your other friends are off doing their own activities is best. Simply gather the max amount of wood, bricks, and metal. Make sure to have it planned out either in your head or on paper how you want the course to work. Then start piecing it together slowly. Launchpads can be useful for straight flight. Bounce pads can be placed on stairs for diagonal flight or on floors and walls for vertical or horizontal movement. Be sure to stop every so often and simply test what you have built. It can be a little frustrating to build a large section only to find out that it doesn’t flow as it should. After you finish building everything to your liking, make sure to run through it a few more times to make sure it runs smoothly. Then have your friends try it out. If you want to be a bit more cynical about it, put a few damage traps around the course. If one or more of your friends fail to hit the mark they are supposed to; they will die. That will surely add to the challenge and the hilarity.

Hide & Seek / Michael Myers

Remember that game you may have played as a kid, where so many people hide and one person seeks them out? You’d be quite amazed how well a game like hide and seek works in Fortnite. First,  choose a seeker. The other players need to be on the opposite team and hide (so the seeker cannot see them on the minimap). After about a minute or so, the seeker goes out to find the hidden. With special rules in place, it can make it a bit more challenging. Giving players the ability to move around as you play, gives them the ability to move to an already searched location, but at the same time can potentially get caught in the process. Another iteration of this mode is called Michael Myers. It’s essentially the same system as hide & seek, but when the seeker finds someone, he is required to kill them with a melee weapon (or perhaps a spike trap). Considering how little damage the pickaxe does, it can make for some pretty exciting survival situations and intense escapes.

These are only five of the many different activities you can do in the playground mode. If you’re new to the game or really want to learn how to build or where many of the chests spawn, playground mode is the mode to do it in. At present with the one-hour time limit, a lot of other activities can really eat through the time to get going, and by the time you’re ready, there’s almost no time remaining, or you’ve run out altogether. This is only the 2nd version of the popular mode; it’ll be interesting to see what more developer Epic Games has for the future of the mode