With the release of the Fortnitemares limited time event just in time for Halloween in Fortnite Battle Royale, the event has also brought with it new challenges. The challenges for this particular event shares similarities to past events, but also now has a few differences. Fortnitemares will include four sets of challenges throughout the time of the event. Each set will unlock only a few days after each other. Completing all the challenges in the set will reward you the cosmetic item listed. The first set of challenges will reward players with a green ghost sticker, should they complete all four of the challenges.

Destroy Cube Monsters

Since yesterday’s update, players can now find monsters that spawn from cube fragments around the world. This challenge simply asks you to destroy 200 of them. This challenge is pretty simple and can be completed quite quickly. The best weapon to use to defeat monsters would be the new crossbow, as its silent and won’t give away your position. You could also use an assault rifle or pistol to combine this challenge with the next one.

Deal damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to Cube Monsters

Highly recommended you use the Silenced Pistol or Suppressed Assault Rifle if you find it. The best thing about defeating these monsters is that they frequently drop loot, which can help you keep up on ammo reserves, or just grant you a better weapon altogether. You’ll need to deal out 5,000 damage to monsters. It’s not presently known exactly how much health monsters have, but since you need to kill 200 of them anyway, you’re guaranteed to complete this challenge long beforehand just as long as you’re using an Assault Rifle or Pistol when doing so.

Visit a Corrupted Area in Different Matches

This is already a challenge that has been presented in one way, shape, or form in one or more of the weekly challenges. For this challenge you simply need to visit one corrupted area in a different match, seven matches total. There are seven total corrupted areas, but the best thing about this challenge is that you’re welcome to go to the same corrupted area in every match you play. Simply walk near or into the corrupted area and you shall receive progress. Now complete the match and the progress will save.

Dance in front of different Gargoyles

This challenge is very simple, yet can be a little confusing as well. If your immediate thought was to fly to Haunted Hills and dance in front of the gargoyle statue found in the fenced area, then alas you’re mistaken. There are new Gargoyle statues hidden around the map. There are a total of nine different statues to dance at, players simply need to head to five, and dance near them to add progress to their challenge. This challenge can easily be completed in one to two games. Here are the locations of all the Gargoyle statues that count.

The second set of challenges is due out tomorrow. Today also sees the release of week five challenges for season six of Fortnite Battle Royale.

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