It’s always very strange to see something released for Fortnite Battle Royale on a Sunday of all days, but today, part three of the Fortnitemares challenges have unlocked. Four new challenges await players in-game, and all can be completed in 45 minutes to an hour depending on your luck. Completing all four challenges in part three will reward you with the virulent flames contrail. Two of today’s challenges are all based on tasks you’ve done plenty of times in the past two parts, along with two other challenges that we’ve seen before in the battle pass.

Destroy Cube Brutes

For the first challenge of this week, you’re tasked with destroying Cube Brutes. Of the two monsters that spawn from a cube fragment, Brutes are the bigger, tougher looking ones. The challenge asks you to defeat only 25 in total. This challenge will take you no time at all to complete. If you’re in an outside area not near the circle, you can expect to complete this challenge in as little as one to two games.

Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to Cube Monsters

For this challenge, don’t stress trying to find a Rocket or Grenade Launcher. This challenge can be completed simply with some Clingers or regular Grenades. Just round up a bunch of monsters near you, drop a grenade and run back a bit. Once it explodes, it will eliminate any monsters. If you happen to take any damage, you’ll be rewarded back shields for the monster kills. Continue to round up monsters and damage/destroy them with grenades until you feel you’ve done enough. Then proceed to finish the match as normal. The damage will accumulate at the end to show your progress.

Search Chests in Corrupted Areas

Yet another challenge tied to the Corrupted Areas all around the map. This challenge asks players to loot seven chests from Corrupted Areas. In total there are seven Corrupted Areas around the map. The easiest way to get this challenge done quick is to land at a Corrupted Area that’s off the beaten path from the bus route. Corrupted Area chests spawn randomly. There are a total of two chests that can spawn at a location, though sometimes you’ll only find one spawned or worse than that, neither spawned at the location. You can attempt to head to other nearby Corrupted Areas in hopes that they were not looted. Think more about how popular the nearby locations are. If you land at the Corrupted Area by Pleasant Park and manage to get a chest, your best bet is to head Northeast to Lazy Links as opposed to Southeast to Greasy Grove, as Greasy Grove is a much more popular hot drop. Here are the locations of every Corrupted Area.

Stage x: Visit [Location Name]

The last set of challenges are in stages, and simply ask the player to visit various locations around the map. There are three total stages to this challenge, which means you’ll need to visit three different locations in three different games to finish this challenge. Stage one asks the player to head over to Wailing Woods. It’s easier just to land there, and potentially at the Corrupted Area within in an attempt to collect one or two of the seven chests you need for the other challenge. Afterward, simply complete the match, and you’ll be awarded stage two.

For Stage two, you’re going to want to head to Fatal Fields. As with the previous stage, you’ll want to head to the Corrupted Area just north of Fatal Fields and continue to try and get the chests (if needed). Afterward, simply grab a shadow stone and fly over near Fatal Fields. Once you get in range of the location, you’ll complete the challenge. After the match ends, the third and final stage will be unlocked.

The third and final destination to visit for this set of challenges is Haunted Hills in the northwest corner of the map, right below Junk Junction. Sadly, there is no Corrupted Area near this location, so you’ll simply want to land in or near Haunted Hills to complete the challenge and then play through the game as normal. As long as you properly complete the match, you’ll be rewarded after returning to the main menu.

The fourth and final part of challenges for the Fortntiemares event is set to unlock on Tuesday. This set will bolster six challenges to complete, and players will be rewarded the Dark Engine glider as a reward. It’s still unclear if all six challenges will need to be completed to unlock the glider or not. Be on the lookout for that guide on Tuesday.

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