Another busy week of XBLA sales sees Toy Soldiers and Toy Soldiers: Cold War along with their various add-ons being discounted in this week’s Deal of the Week. Those are joined by A World of Keflings, Renegade Ops and The Splatters for this week’s Gold exclusive offers:

Toy Soldiers: Cold War – 600 MSP
Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Napalm (DLC) 200 MSP
Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Evil Empire (DLC) – 200 MSP
Toy Soldiers – 400 MSP
Toy Soldiers – Invasion! (DLC) – 200 MSP
Toy Soldiers – The Kaiser’s Battle (DLC) – 200 MSP
A World of Keflings – 400 MSP
Renegade Ops – 600 MSP
The Splatters – 400 MSP

There’s also a bonus Kinect special offer available for all membership levels, with Mini Ninjas Adventures down to 400 MSP, and that’s not all, Double Fine are having a mega sale this week:

Costume Quest – 600 MSP
Grubbibns on Ice (DLC) – 200 MSP
Stacking – 600 MSP
The Lost Hobo King (DLC) – 200 MSP
Iron Brigade – 400 MSP
Rise of the Martian Bear (DLC) – 200 MSP
Happy Action Theater – 400 MSP

Finally if you’re in an area with the Sales & Specials app, then this week’s losing offers are Quarrel, Swarm and Mercury HG all half price at a super low price of 200 MSP.