This guide is geared towards helping gamers find the items that will allow them to find other secrets and make their way through Castle Crashers. Some of these items are needed to progress through the campaign and others are not. But they are all fairly easy to find and obtain, so you might as well try to collect them all.


Item: Compass

Location: Blacksmith

The Compass can be easily found in between the Animal Hut and the Weapon Frog in the Blacksmith level.


Item: Steering Wheel

Location: Lava World

The Steering Wheel is awarded for defeating the Dragon boss at the end of Lava World.


Item: Telescope

Location: Industrial Castle

The Telescope is awarded for defeating the Industrial Machine at the end of the Industrial Castle.


Item: Boomerang

Location: Thieves Forest

The Boomerang can be found in the Thieves Forest. It is located behind the bush that the pooping owl is pooping on. Bring Cardinal into the level with you and walk near that bush. Cardinal will retrieve the Boomerang for you.


Item: Shovel

Location: Dessert

The Shovel is located at the beginning of the Dessert level right after you exit the wrecked pirate ship.


Item: Map

Location: Sand Castle Roof

The Map is awarded for winning the volleyball mini-game at the end of the Sand Castle Roof Level. To win this game you must be the first one to score 10 points. There is no “win by 2” rule. A good tactic is to stay close to the line and hit the enemies while the ball is in the air disabling their ability to return that ball. Also try throwing the “Y” button magic at them. Some magic can go over the line while other magic attacks can’t. This tactic really does depend on your individual character.


Item: Horn

Location: Corn Boss

The Horn is awarded for defeating the Corn Boss.


Once you have these items, making your way through the campaign will become a bit easier. If simply beating the game isn’t enough for you, use these items to find all the Animal Orbs. After that, try unlocking all the characters. We have guides for both (Animals & Characters). Good Luck.