We’ve been clamoring for it, you’ve been clamoring for it, Ronimo Games has been clamoring for it and now it’s here: the Awesomenauts soundtrack! Every action packed moment of Awesomenauts, recently released 2D MOBA from Ronimo Games, is accompanied by a stellar soundtrack. Until now, the only way to experience these tunes were in game or by winning the vinyl version of the soundtrack. Thankfully Ronimo Games and Sonic Picnic have gotten their soundtrack up and available on Bandcamp for a minimum of $2. For Awesomenauts enthusiasts who somehow missed it (or are intrigued by the soundtrack and want to check out the game) here’s our review and guide. Each and every song is preview-able in Bandcamp for those on the fence, suffice to say it’s surprising to see (hear?) just how many tracks there are playing throughout a game of Awesomenauts.


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The soundtrack includes the main theme and level themes along with a medley of all the characters themes, they even threw in the shop theme. It should be noted there are two themes (presumably for two more characters) following the six we’ve already come to know and love, fancy that! There’s also a remix of the theme, an awesome megamix of the whole soundtrack, and a bonus track that seems to have been sung by the devs. Let’s just say they’re not paid to sing.

Bandcamp link: Awesomenauts Soundtrack