Please pardon another late release for the podcast here, we had some major issues with the recording and then further issues on the editing, so it all sort of snowballed. But it’s finally here! If you haven’t yet (and there’s a pretty good chance you haven’t since this is going up first) check out our interview with Dan Paladin from The Behemoth.

We’re in the thick of the Summer of Arcade promotion and there’s a lot of love for Bastion going on. But before that there’s some news bits here and there, very business heavy as we cover some of the sales figures from Q2 and reflect on some past releases and the House Party promotion.

Andrew talks about what he doesn’t like about Bastion because if we all just talked about what we liked the podcast would never end. John and I gush about Orcs Must Die! and I discuss my time at Comic Con and highlight some of my favorite games and experiences in a reply to this week’s twitter topic.



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John Laster (@cain141)

Andrew Crews (@twixprintmatic)

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Todd Schlickbernd (@Emessai)

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