It’s hard to believe the year is already half over. Gameastura has always delivered great analysis of XBLA monthly sales, but now we get a special one showing all of the sales for every game released from January to June 2011. There were some big sellers, including Dead Rising: Case West and Ilomilo, but the heaviest hits were from February’s House Party promotion. Torchlight ended up being a big hit faster than some of last year’s Summer of Arcade games, but Full House Poker brought in the most players with over 300,000 sales. The Games for the Holidays promotion from the beginning of the year did great as well, with A World of Keflings being the promotion’s heaviest hitter at 185,000 sales. Pinball FX2 Fantastic Four went away with lower sales but the best Metacritic review on the table.

Most games hold sales in the five-digit range, which is a good amount of sales, but a small number of games recieved dissapointingly low sales. Games like  Galaga Legions XD and Ziet2 recieved low sales, despite having good Metacritic scores. No story here is sadder than Shuggy, getting the green light from Metacritic, as it is a very good game, but still couldn’t sell over 3,000 units.

So there you have it. Half a year in games and sales are over, all with varying degrees of sucess and failure. With six more months to go, and plenty of big titles coming to XBLA, it wouldn’t be surprising if the second half of the year sells bigger than the first.

Source: Gamastura