It’s another three man show this week with John, Andrew and myself. We’ve officially decided to bump our episode length to one hour, we weren’t very good at sticking to the 30 minute one anyway so here’s hoping this works out better!

A little bit of a slow news week this week but we still find a few stories that spark some interesting conversation. Including Ms Splosion Man getting a table in Pinball FX2 and those Resident Evil ports heading to anywhere but XBLA.

We had a few new releases last week, John and Andrew played with them some so they talk a bit about those. Spoilers: Andrew is not a fan of MLB Bobbleheads. Since I haven’t played the newer release I talk about my continuing love of Half-Minute Hero (and it’s music) and of course Trenched.


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Hosted by:

John Laster (@cain141)

Andrew Crews (@twixprintmatic)

Produced & edited by:

Ross Adams (@randomlyrossy)

Music used:

Jump by Laura Shigihara (Plants vs Zombies composer) from the Play For Japan charity Album.

News discussed:

Ms Splosion Man table coming to Pinball FX 2

Burnout Crash finally (officially) revealed

Resident Evil ports not XBLA afterall

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition details

XBLIG devs talk about low sales