It seems a secret pact has been struck between the scientists behind Ms. Splosion Man (Twisted Pixel) and Pinball FX 2 (Zen Studios). Not only will the next Pinball FX 2 table feature Ms. Splosion Man, but Ms. Splosion Man will feature a pinball table utilizing Zen Studios technology inside the game. It’s great to see two of the best Xbox Live Arcade devlopers working together on a project.

“We told the Twisted Pixel crew we were going to break in and steal all the Ms. Splosion Man stuff so we could make a pinball table for them. We put our super stealth ZEN sniper on the project and what can I say, mission accomplished” boasts Mel Kirk, ZEN Studios Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. “Twisted Pixel struck back by stealing some Pinball FX2 assets and building a pinball machine in the arcade area of Ms. Splosion Man, due out on July 13th.

The table will utilize characters from the Ms. Splosion Man universe, including Ms. Splosion Man and the mad scientists. Feature typical pinball fare, combos, and sploding missions stand between Ms Splosion Man and her final battle with the Mighty Eternal. Twisted Pixel had this to say about being chose for the next Pinball FX 2 Table:

“Turns out, sploding is a GREAT mechanic on a pinball table and the evil geniuses at ZEN took the idea and ran with it!” explains Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford. “As big fans of pinball in general, we proudly acknowledge ZEN Studios as the masters of virtual pinball. In Ms. Splosion Man there is an arcade room in the world map where players can find a virtual Pinball FX2 table where you can dive right into the hot XBLA pinball action directly.”

No date has been  announced for the table at this time, but it is expected to release this Summer on Xbox Live Arcade. As Xbox Live Arcade fans, we can’t wait.