Following on from some of the negative XBLA press that has recently hit the headlines, Ska Studios’ James Silva has decided to set the record straight on his experiences with Microsoft. In a recent blog post Silva revealed “Working with Microsoft is great. I have heard a few stories that contradict my experience, and I know quite a few people who are happier on platforms other than XBLA, and that’s fine for them. XBLA is a closed, carefully curated platform with its own set of fairly rigid standards and protocols. For me, it was just a matter of “do the work, release the game,” and that’s exactly what we did.”

The Lead Developer of XBLA hits The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and its sequel Vampire Smile, and the upcoming Charlie Murder, also expressed his dismay at the negative publicity XBLA has been receiving, “Reinforcing the ‘Microsoft is bad for indies’ narrative doesn’t hurt Microsoft, it hurts indies…As a consumer, would you think twice about buying a game from a ‘failed platform?’ Would you hesitate at buying an indie game from a company that “screws indies?” But that’s the current narrative, and while it sucks for Microsoft, it sucks a lot more for indie developers who are publishing on XBLA.”

The news makes a welcome change to fans of the platform after hearing a number of high profile indie developers, including Braid’s Jonathan Blow and Brian Provinciano, the developer of Retro City Rampage, stating that were considering moving away from XBLA or consoles altogether. To read the full blog post, head over to

Source: Ska Studios