With three new releases today there is plenty to cover so let’s get started right away. First up is Enter the Gungeon, a rapid paced gun fight dungeon crawler, from Dodge Roll. Those with the nerve to enter the Gungeon will be rewarded with loot and plenty of fights. The combat is fast and will require the usage of the heroes dodge roll and the ability to flip tables. Only a legendary few who embark on this quest will be able to unlock the ultimate treasure the Gungeon holds: a gun that can kill the past. Enter the Gungeon can be purchased here for $14.99. Enter the Gungeon is a part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program.

Next up is Blackwood Crossing from Paper Seven. Blackwood Crossing is a story-driven first-person adventure game in which Scarlett, the central protagonist, examines her relationship with her brother as she and the world around her undergo dramatic changes. Players will help Scarlett get to the bottom of the rift that has developed between the two but will there be enough time to salvage the relationship? Blackwood Crossing is available for purchase here for $15.99.

Last up is Talent Not Included from Frima Studios. In Talent Not Included players take control of three monster-actors: Zordok, Derp, and Kevin, and help them put on their own play. Their play focuses on their primary loves of slaughter, bloodbaths, and Shakespeare; however, Zordok, Derp, and Kevin weren’t chosen because of their talent or synergy but because chaos would consume their performance. See if you can make their dreams come true or will the audience will laugh the trio off of the stage. Talent Not Included can be purchased here for $14.99.