Just when you thought the gungeon had run out of ammo, developers Dodge Roll and Devolver Digital run in guns blazing with the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns free Downloadable content for Enter the Gungeon. Prepare to reload with the massive overhaul of content containing a huge makeover to the game’s dungeons, all the new zany weaponry and additions to the cute and cuddly (but deadly) creatures. There’s no better time to get into Enter the Gungeon as the game is currently 50% off on Xbox One. The game also supports Xbox Play Anywhere. No matter if you’re at home or on the go, the gungeon can go where you go.

Advanced Gungeons and Draguns is a huge expansion that lengthens and fine-tunes the original game with not only new features but also new variety. Players of the gungeon can expect to face new challenges with over hundreds of new areas waiting to be explored. New enemies and bosses await you, ready to be overcome. For the true believer, a reflex-testing turbo mode is ready to test your skills. Players’ also get the chance of getting revenge against everyone’s love-to-hate thief, the Resourceful Rat. Those new to the experience will find that starting out is now even easier thanks to more rewarding drop rates, more than a hundred new synergies for guns and items, and plenty of new weapons and items that will have players feeling much more fierce and brawny a lot more frequently.

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