It was another busy release day so lets get right down to business. First up is The Town of Light from LKA; it is a first-person psychological story adventure set in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum, based in Tuscany, Italy. Players take control of Renée and help guide her through an emotional journey where she confronts questions surrounding her past and her mental illness. The story is inspired by true events and real places. The Town of Light is available to purchase here for $19.99, but for the rest of the day, June 6, it is on sale for $15.99.

Next up is Neighborhorde from Fermenter Games. Players can have up to three other friends tag along for local co-op in Neighborhorde as the fight against evil beings from other dimensions begins. For each night players survive they will unlock wild toys to cause havoc in the streets with. Of course, players gain strength with each passing day, but so do the enemies from out of town. Neighborhorde can be purchased here for $4.99, but it is currently on sale for the next two weeks, as of June 6, for $3.99.

The last thing to cover is a new bundle called the Beat This Bundle that includes Kung-Fu for Kinect and Beatsplosion for Kinect. Both games require the Kinect and come from Virtual Air Guitar Company. Kung-Fu for Kinect has players kicking and punching their way through enemies while Beatsplosion for Kinect has players grooving to the beat. The Beat This Bundle can be purchased here for $31.99.