There are two new releases to cover today on the Xbox One after the dearth of releases last week. First up is Black the Fall from Sand Sailor Studio, which follows the story of a machinist as he plots his escape from the grasp of a Communist regime. Along the way he befriends an abandoned little robot who quickly becomes his partner in their desperate escape. Much of the escape requires the power of a stolen designator tool that is capable of manipulating both man and machine to solve puzzles and bring down the dystopic dictatorship. Black the Fall is available for purchase here for $14.99.

The other new release today is the first episode of the second season of Minecraft: Story Mode. The second season picks up after the vanquishing of the Wither Storm in season one and follows Jesse on an exciting new journey to an ancient underwater temple. Familiar faces from season one and new pals will make an appearance throughout the season. The second season will feature five episodes; the first of which can be bought here alone for $4.99 or the entire season can be bought here for $24.99.