Two new games released today on Xbox One so a quick rundown is in order. The first game is 8DAYS from developer Santa Clara Games. Players take control of Lola “Wasp” and Mike “Ghost” as they go to battle against the mercenary company Gold, Oil, and Diamonds (G.O.D.). G.O.D. is the main peacekeeping force of the Masters of Mankind and the 8DAYS Magazine helps guarantee a healthy public opinion. The Masters of Mankind have ruled over humanity since the dawn of time, especially with the help of G.O.D. and the 8DAYS Magazine, but the time has come for their downfall and only Wasp and Ghost can take care of it. 8DAYS also has a local co-op mode for two players in addition to single player. 8DAYS can be purchased here for $9.99.

The other game to release today is Adventure Pop from developer Tic Toc Games. Adventure Pop is a bubble shooter with a single player campaign and a wide assortment of multiplayer modes. Players will help Penelope and her group of adventurers find new treasure and escape pirates. Adventure Pop can be purchased here for free.