Trials Fusion has received six DLC packs to date, more than the previous two entries in the series combined. At this point the game’s so overflowing with content it doesn’t need more tracks. Enter Awesome Level MAX, a new DLC that boasts its amazingness in its name. No longer happy with standard motor bikes, Redlynx has created a brand new ride to set this new content apart: a unicorn with a cat jockey. While it only takes one glance at the DLC (or its amazing trailer) to see it lives up to its name visually, you’ll need to play it to understand that the content built around the bizarre new mount is equally as awesome.


Here’s what I liked:

Redlynx vs the World — Although the pack is advertised as a unicorn-riding adventure, over two thirds of the tracks are traditional bike-riding affairs. Redlynx vs All-Stars pits the developer against the community’s best map makers to create the best tracks possible, and the winner is the players. All the tracks from both sides are incredibly well-designed and are everything you’d expect from new Trials tracks. If I had to pick a winner in this hypothetical competition between developer content and user content it’d be Redlynx, as thanks to its inclusion of a skill game.

Pure Awesome — Of course, the main event of the DLC is the Awesome Level MAX. Abandoning the traditional Trials structure, this story consists of eight tracks that must be played in order. You play as a gun-toting cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn, which is a lot of fun to watch trot across the screen. The eight tracks contain some of the most unique moments in the entire game and are easily the most interesting levels in the DLC. It’s a short but incredibly sweet ride that will hopefully pave the way for Redlynx to try more wacky things in future endeavors.

Welcome back — If you were like me and haven’t picked up Trials Fusion after finishing the last DLC, you missed a lot of stuff. Recent free updates added some great stuff to the game, including the return of the undersized Donkey bike. For the first time in Trials history, there’s now an option to make the rider female. This content wasn’t a part of the Awesome Level MAX, but the release of the DLC has put a spotlight on these great new additions.


Here’s what I didn’t like:

Legs vs wheels — While he unicorn “bike” sure has a unique look, when push comes to shove it’s really just an awkwardly shaped bike. It’s not that it’s uncontrollable or broken (although seeing a horse run backwards looks really odd), it’s just unfortunate that such a cool idea didn’t bring anything new to the gameplay. You could replace the unicorn with a bike and nothing would change, except for the amount of awesomeness on screen.


Wrap up:

Redlynx has mixed up its usual DLC offerings to give us something a little different. Beyond the standard, delicious portion of regular Trials tracks, Awesome Level MAX gives us a helping of great user-created content and a crazy awesome adventure for dessert. This is undoubtedly the most unique offering Redlynx has created for any Trials game, making it well worth your time if you love the game or just need more unicorns in your life.

Score: Buy It

Trials Fusion was developed by Redlynx and published by Ubisoft. The Awesome Level Max DLC was released July 15, 2015 for $9.99. A copy was provided by Ubisoft for review purposes.