Telltale Games is off to an impressive start with their The Walking Dead adventure game series. Critically speaking we’ve given both episode one and episode two ‘Buy It’ scores, and sales-wise across all platforms they’ve sold over 1.7 million episodes (this stat likely counts PSN sales as 5 episodes each). Recently, Telltale apologized for the late release of episode two, Starved for Help, and pegged episode three for a mid-August release. Though the initially proclaimed monthly release schedule has been stretched a bit, the consistent success of each episode speaks volumes to Telltale’s devotion to quality.

With their current series a success two-fifths in, Telltale has announced that they will be continuing to make Walking Dead games after this first season. Telltale’s senior vice president of marketing Steve Allison mentioned that “this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do”. While they don’t say it’s going to be another 5-episode season, or that it will be XBLA at all, it’s definitely something to be excited for. Until then, we’ll make do with the two awesome episodes we’ve got, and eagerly await for the final three. As the icing on the Walking Dead cake (doesn’t sound so delicious, actually) for those interested, the full series will be made available in North American retail stores after the release of the fifth episode of season one.

Source: Polygon