Developer Hothead Games, masterminds behind the Deathspank series and Penny Arcade XBLA titles, is patiently sitting in the waiting room while Microsoft operates on their latest project, Swarm. According to producer Joel DeYoung, their project is in the hands of Microsoft and Sony being taken through the certification process required of all XBLA titles. A release date and price will be announced when the game is out of intensive care. That is to say, they don’t have it yet because Microsoft hasn’t told them and when they find out they’ll tell us! Nice and simple.

In the mean time, there’s been no shortage of information about the game and the development company continually responds to their twitter feed with interesting tidbits about the game and answers to concerned gamers. There’s a lot of information on Swarm on their site including two videos featuring the game’s AI Lead whom they refer to as “Dr. Mike”. Here’s the first one below:

Swarm is certainly shaping up nicely bringing that winning combination of the action-adventure genre and real time strategy together to give “controlling units” a different meaning. Out of the 50 Swarmites you control you’re likely to lose dozens in sacrifice for the good of the flock. These guys huddle, stack, dash and bash their way across hazardous environments all for your sake, and if you’re a fan of odd, silly creatures and equally unique gameplay, Swarm looks like a title you’ll want to keep your eye on.

Source: Strategy Informer