It’s Sunday everyone, and you know what that means, it’s roundup time. In this weekly article, we put together everything worth mentioning that we didn’t get posted. We also link to everything we did on the web, whether on this site or one of the other places you can find us like YouTube or Twitch.

Here’s some of the things we missed:

Blessed Unleashed

Blessed Unleashed is a free-to-play MMORPG from BANDAI NAMCO coming to consoles in 2019. Blessed Unleashed is based in a huge open world that offers gorgeous views, mythical beasts, and deadly play-vs-player encounters. BANDAI NAMCO has announced that there will be “five classic fantasy classes,” but at this point have only revealed two: Mage and Berserker. There is a closed beta coming soon that you can have a chance at being in simply by signing up for the Blessed Unleashed newsletter here.

Lethal League Blaze

Lethal League Blaze is a projectile fighting game and is the sequel to Lethal League a PC only release from 2014. What is a projectile fighting game you ask; well, in the case of Lethal League Blaze, imagine trying to kill someone with a soccer ball but only being able to hit the ball with a bat. There you go, that’s the basic idea behind this projectile fighter, but if you’ve ever played the original, you know that is only the tip of the iceberg. Offering combos, hitstuns, and special shots, Lethal League Blaze has something for all level of fighting enthusiasts.

Jagged Alliance: Rage

Launching on November 6th for $29.99, Rage, a spin-off of the Jagged Alliance series is a turn-based strategy game where you are always against great odd. Jagged Alliance: Rage will focus on established mercs from the series like Grunty, Ivan Dolvich and Raven, just to name a few. The storyline will be around 20-hours and can be completed in both single player and co-op.

Mega Man 11

While we patiently wait for the release on October 2, Capcom has dropped a demo for all to try. This demo comes equipped with multiple difficulty levels, your trusty sidekick dog, Rush, and your chance to meet and destroy Block Man. Capcom also revealed in this trailer a new boss, Bounce Man, and his bright and colorful stage Boing-Boing Park, along with a quick glimpse at all other known bosses.

Pinball FX3

Zen Studios is back with yet another announcement this time not only are they announcing new tables, but a new partnership with Williams Pinball. In normal fashion, Zen Studios has already revealed what the first four tables launching this year will be: Fish Tales, The Getaway: High Speed II, Junk Yard and Medieval Madness.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

The newest DLC Shadow Over Bögenhafen was originally scheduled to release on August 28 until developer Fatshark said that due to unforeseen reasons, the console release had to be delayed. At the time, they did not give a new release date, but now Fatshark is back and have announced that Shadow Over Bögenhafen will be available for download on September 19th.

Here’s everything we posted: