sales & specials app

If you’re lucky enough to have the Sales & Specials app available in your region, then you might want to check it out once every few days. Within that app is a simple Scratch & Match style game where you can win some cool free content but as long as you play the game (win or lose) you will be prompted to save some money on various pieces of content that appear to change about once per week. This week is offering a special reduced price for a trio of XBLA schmups. You can pick up Sine Mora reduced by 400 MSP,  Radiant Silvergun  reduced by 240 MSP or Ikaruga reduced by 200 MSP. Be sure to pick them up through this app though as it is the only way to access these sale prices.

Sine Mora – Was 1200 MSP – Is now 800 MSP – Download the trial

Radiant Silvergun – Was 1200 MSP – Is now 960 MSP – Download the trial

Ikaruga – Was 800 MSP – Is now 600 MSPDownload the trial

Be sure to check out our review for Sine Mora, Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga if you aren’t sure if these are the right games for you. To access the Sales & Specials app, you will already have needed to download it as it is currently not available for download on the dashboard. We aren’t sure if this is by design or simply a mistake but we will let you all know know if it pops back up somewhere on the dashboard in the future. If you do have the app, check these sales out and remember that they usually only last a week. So act fast!