The highly anticipated wait for Rocket League on Xbox One is now over. The futuristic “car soccer” (“football” for all our readers outside the States) has swept up a lot of fans in a short amount of time and now Xbox audiences finally can get their hands on it. The game allows for ranked and unranked solo matches, duels, 3v3. and 4v4 but there may be a time with larger team options down the road. Psyonix has put out the official Xbox launch trailer which you can check out below.

Rocket League has been very well received by both gamers and critics alike. Psyonix is releasing the game at the same $19.99 price point as it debuted on other platforms last year and will include all prior DLC except for the Back To The Future DeLorean, which will set you back $1.99 if you’re looking to go 88 miles per hour. The Xbox One version will also feature unlockable cars and custom items from various Xbox franchises including Halo, Gears of War, and Sunset Overdrive.