[springboard type=”youtube” id=”8pW3e7x2T3U” player=”xbla001″ width=”640″ height=”400″] Brian Provinciano’s eagerly anticipated Grand Theft Auto inspired shooter Retro City Rampage launches today on PSN and PC, with an XBLA release scheduled for later on this year. RCR started out as a one man homage to some of Provinciano’s favorite 8-Bit games and features a mash up of top down, open world driving and Smash TV style shooting, with a few platforming levels and even a little bit of Zelda-esque RPG fun thrown in for good measure.

Although fans of XBLA will have to wait for RCR‘s release later in the year (no date confirmed) we thought that this great little launch trailer might help to lessen the blow and keep fans of the game excited for when it is finally available.