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Skulls of the Shogun – XBLA Fans Guide – General Strategies

By  •  January 30, 2013

Skulls MS1

Welcome to the first part of the XBLA Fans exclusive guide to 17Bit’s fantastic new strategy game, Skulls of the Shogun (Skulls.) Within this section of the guide, you’ll find a range of killer strategies, hints and tips which will help you get started. We’ll be adding complete guides for every level and each and every one of those coveted Gold Skulls over the next few days.

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Skulls of the Shogun – XBLA Fans Exclusive Guide

By  •  January 30, 2013

Skulls of the Shogun (Skulls) is one of the most enjoyable turn-based strategy games available on XBLA, with a lengthy campaign, lots of replayability and lasting multiplayer potential. Here at XBLA …
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Skulls of the Shogun review (XBLA)

By  •  January 30, 2013

Skulls of the Shogun was developed by 17-BIT and published by Microsoft Studios. It was released January 30, 2013 for 1200 MSP. A copy was provided for review purposes.


Skulls of the Shogun is a samurai-themed, turn-based strategy game inspired by Nintendo’s Advance Wars series. Skulls players must guide the newly deceased General Akamoto and his band of undead warriors across the four seasons of the samurai afterlife. Along with a solid single-player campaign the game — which was simultaneously released on XBLA, Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Surface — comes bundled with the ability to play online and offline multiplayer skirmishes along with a much-hyped asynchronous mode, allowing matches to be played across all four platforms.

Throughout your journey through the afterlife, General Akamoto is assisted by a small team comprising of Archers (ranged attacks), Infantry (close-quarters combat) and Cavalry (scouts). Things may initially look bleak for our mustachioed hero, but further help can be gained by haunting shrines to summon extra resources in exchange for rice, or as the game progresses, by summoning elusive animal monks bringing advanced magic to your troop. You can also upgrade your comrades to a demon status by having them chow down on the skulls of the enemies they’ve slain.

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Skulls of the Shogun coming January 30

By  •  January 10, 2013

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It’s been a long time coming. After years of waiting and numerous delays building up our anticipation, it’s almost here. Developer 17-Bit announced today that …
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Skulls of the Shogun passes Microsoft certification

By  •  January 9, 2013

A release may finally be imminent for one of XBLA’s most-anticipated games. 17-bit studio head Jake Kazdal informed XBLAFans today that its turn-based strategy title, Skulls of the …
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Skulls of the Shogun offers cross-platform play, but no multi-platform bundle

By  •  January 5, 2013

Skulls of the Shogun may be the first XBLA game offering cross-platform play over Windows 8, Surface and WP8, but those hoping for a cross-platform purchase unlocking the game …
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New Skulls of the Shogun trailer demonstrates cross-platform play

By  •  December 14, 2012

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Skulls of the Shogun developers 17Bit have released a new trailer for their upcoming strategy game showcasing the cross-platform gameplay between …
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Small team, multiplatform launch holding up Skulls of the Shogun

By  •  December 13, 2012

It was way back during April’s PAX East when 17-Bit studio boss Jake Kazdal told XBLA Fans that development was nearly complete on his team’s turn-based strategy game, Skulls of the Shogun. The game, which pits small armies of dead Japanese samurais against each other in the afterlife, appeared to be polished to a sheen and was every bit (no pun intended) as enjoyable to play as it was when yours truly first played it one year earlier.

Kazdal said at the time that the plan was to release the game on XBLA in October alongside the launch of Windows 8. That didn’t happen. September saw the game being delayed to November. Strategy fans would have to wait just a little bit longer. In case you didn’t notice, they’re still waiting. Skulls of the Shogun missed its new target window and 17-Bit has not announced a new, new window.

Kazdal did recently speak to Polygon about his missing-in-action game, though. He informed the outlet that trying to coordinate a multiplatform launch (Skulls is headed to PC, Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface tablets in addition to XBLA) with only three developers on his team is an arduous undertaking.

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Skulls of the Shogun delayed until November

By  •  September 26, 2012

We had hoped that Skulls of the Shogun would be released this month alongside Windows 8. Unfortunately it looks like the release will now be sometime in mid November. This …
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New Skulls of the Shogun trailer shows off asynchronous gameplay

By  •  September 3, 2012

A new Skulls of the Shogun trailer has been launched for this year’s PAX Prime, showing off the game’s asynchronous multiplayer and cross platform play across XBLA, Windows 8 …
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