Skulls of the Shogun (Skulls) is one of the most enjoyable turn-based strategy games available on XBLA, with a lengthy campaign, lots of replayability and lasting multiplayer potential. Here at XBLA Fans, we think Skulls is a great game, so for more information about whether or not Skulls might be your thing, why not check out our review (coming soon.)

Love it or not, one thing is for certain about Skulls; it may look simple at the first glance, but there is actually rather a lot going on under the hood. Success depends upon the mastery of numerous strategies, all of which we will discuss in detail within this exclusive guide.

This XBLA Fans guide will be presented in several stages, each of which is detailed below, along with the day on which it will be made available. Players who are new to Skulls or have little experience of playing turn based strategy games should start with the General Strategies guide.

Guide Pages:

General Strategies (available NOW – Click Here!)

Region One (available NOW – Click Here!)

Region Two (available NOW- Click Here!)

Region Three (available NOW – Click Here!)

Region Four (available NOW – Click Here!)

Region Five (available NOW – Click Here!)