New weapon

Ice Amulet – Main attack shoots five blasts each dealing damage and freezing foes. Alternate attack does very little damage but freezes in a large area around the Warmage and for an extended period of time.


Orc Warriors
Kobold Runners
Gnoll Hunters
Fire Babies

General survival skills

  • Ice is super effective against fire enemies, so it’ll one-shot all flying enemies
  • Setup shop early, there are two choke points with wall spaces at the front entrance
  • These bridges can’t use ceiling traps, but they can hold copious amounts of archers!
  • Don’t lay traps outside the choke points, the orcs will be too thinly spread
  • Use the alternate fire on the ice amulet to nuke flying enemies right out of the gate
  • Feel free to take advantage of the clear line of sight from the rift to spam spells

Five skull guide

This level is deceptively simple. Gnoll Hunters and getting caught at the front door will be the big thing to be afraid of. For spells, bring the basic STBB (spikes, tar, brimstone, blockade) though blockade won’t be too necessary, most likely. This map is really only divided into a few choke points with wall placements available and bridges for archer guardians. Wall blades are recommended over grinders as they’ll hit the flying enemies that come out in the beginning of the level and after they dip down midway through.

Needless to say, use the first two choke points first. Now normally the order would be brimstone -> tar -> spikes, but we’re going to do tar -> spikes -> brimstone (with the spikes activating on the plate with the wall blades) to ensure that the brimstone doesn’t get wasted on enemies chopped up in the blades. Doing that twice will ensure victory for the most part. Get up to Jagged Steel at some point, then Flaming Arrows (first the former than the latter, perhaps a Go Break apart) and get the floors and walls setup before placing guardians. Beyond that, don’t hesitate to spam spells when enemies break through the line, guaranteed they won’t make it far. Don’t get hit by a Gnoll Hunter near the front gates though or their slow might result in being burnt to a crisp by hellbats; be ready to freeze them and the five skulls are guaranteed.


  1. Hellbats, Fire Babies
  2. Hellbats, Orcs
  3. Kobold Runners, 1x Gnoll Hunter, Hellbats
  4. Go Break

  5. Orcs, Hellbats, Orcs, Hellbats, Fire Babies, Hellbats, Fire Babies
  6. Hellbats, 1x Ogre
  7. Shield Orcs & Hellbats, Kobold Runners, Fire Babies & Hellbats (several times)Go Break
  8. 2x Gnoll Hunter, Hellbats & Fire Babies
  9. Kobold Runners, Fire Babies
  10. Shield Orcs & Hellbats, Fire Babies, 1x Ogre, Hellbats, Fire Babies

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