Just like a used car dealer’s end of year clearance, Microsoft is slashing prices left and right on the current 500GB bundles of the Xbox One. Less than a month ago they announced the current price drop from $349 to $299, and now on the heels of the announcement of the new Xbox One S (Slim), they’ve announced another “temporary” price drop, bringing the console down to $279.

The Xbox One S is expected to release this August and has a starting price point of $299. The Xbox One Slim has all the features of the Xbox One plus compatibility with 4K video, 4K Ultra HD Blu-Rays and HDR video and a Bluetooth enabled controller that works with Windows 10. All this with a console box that is 40 percent smaller than the current models.

This new design appears to be the future of the Xbox One, so it likely that just like previous “temporary” price drops, this one will be permanent as a way to sell out stock of the old models.

Major Nelson tweeted out a link to the sale on Amazon.com. From this link, it appears that the Name Your Own Game 500GB Bundle, the White Quantum Break 500GB Bundle and the Gears of War 500GB Bundle are all included in the sale. This promotion is expected to run until at least October 1.

Source: Major Nelson