After a small tease in the Sadira reveal trailer, Killer Instinct character Orchid has received a full-fledged reveal trailer of her own.

Black Orchid, like Sadira, is named after a type of flower. From its Greek roots, the symbolism behind the Orchid plant focuses on perfection or sexuality. This could refer to Orchid’s ability to pull off a perfect combo, while the sexual symbolism of Black Orchid is immediately evident in the character’s default outfit: a dark green uniform, reminiscent of a sexy spec ops agent.

The video boasts an extremely versatile move set for Black Orchid, with moves ranging from upside down spin kicks to transforming into a large cat to attack enemies. Many of the showcased moves are trademark Black Orchid and should immediately feel familiar to Killer Instinct veterans.

Black Orchid is one of six characters that will launch with Killer Instinct on November 22, alongside the Xbox One. Two more characters will be released post-launch to complete the Season 1 roster, with more characters likely to come in future seasons.