Achievements: 13 (1000 gamerscore)
Difficulty: Easy except for 1 achievement, which makes it very difficult to complete
Time: Can be done in about 5 hours. However, could take much longer (Hard to the Core achievement)

Completion Pros:

  • Mostly linear and easy for the most part
  • Forgiving checkpoints. Quite frequently it saves
  • Short game
  • No glitchy achievements

Completion Cons:

  • Controls are cumbersome at times
  • All easy achievements, but then one very difficult one
  • No “timer” or death statistics
  • No leaderboards

What to know before starting:

Little Nightmares is sort of a stealth platformer. There is no difficulty setting and you can take your time while playing. There are only a total of 23 collectibles. You must make sure to light lanterns and candles whenever you see them too, as getting most of them count as an achievement. There are a few achievements in some chapters that require you to do specific actions, so read through the short guide to see what you need to watch out for. There is only one really difficult achievement, and that is for completing the game without dying and within an hour.


 AThighlypsrungHighly Sprung 50GS
You’d jump even higher if you knew what slept there!

Obtained in Chapter 1. You will come to a room with a couch and a bed. Jump on the bed until the achievement unlocks. This likely works on any beds you can jump on (based on the achievement tile).


ATelusive Elusive 50GS
Hey sneaky rat, how do you keep slipping away?

You can get this by evading the big enemies that try to capture you. Do this 6 times. You can tell when you have been successful, because the saving icon will appear. As soon as an enemy is about to capture you, slide away. You can keep attempting this until you get it. While on the first chapter, the blind enemy will appear and you can evade/die/retry for the achievement.


achPrisonTile2 The Prison 50GS
Look how the canary has flown its cage!

Complete chapter 1.


ATsingsong Six’s Song 150GS
So many keys, yet none to unlock your cage!

While climbing in an area during chapter 2, you will need to jump onto a hanging piano. If you run along the keys you will unlock this achievement.


ATthelair The Lair 50GS
Little lost things sometimes find their way home.

Complete chapter 2.


ATkitchenhand Kitchen Hand 150GS
The recipe is complete, the feast will be divine.

During chapter 3, you will find yourself in a pantry with food. Beyond this area is a kitchen and a chef. The middle of the kitchen area has a pot that you can throw food items in. Throw in three of the items to get this achievement. You can take your time and run back and forth between the areas, or utilize the food you can find in the main area (a fish head and the chef dropping an item).


ATthekitchen The Kitchen 50GS
The Chefs will miss you!

Complete chapter 3.


ATlightuplife Light Up Your Life 50GS
Not all lights can be trusted, but these should be quite safe!

During the game, you will be lighting candles and lanterns to keep help brighten the environment. They are all optional. This is sort of a collectible, but you do not have to light all of them, just most of them. You should be able to complete this by the fourth chapter. You cannot light the same things because the game saves it and it will always be lit.



ATlostthing Little Lost Things 50GS
Kindness will be your undoing!

Find all gnomes in the game. There are a total of 13.

Follow this guide to find them: Little Nightmares Collectible Guide

Chapter 1: 3
Chapter 2: 3
Chapter 3: 3
Chapter 4: 4
Chapter 5: 0


ATguestarea The Guest Area 50GS
Little fox among hungry wolves!

Complete chapter 4.


ATrasca Rascal 50GS
Little vandal, little beast, The Maw will punish you at the feast.

There are a total of 10 statues that you need to break. You have to pick them up and throw them.

Follow this guide to find them: Little Nightmares Collectible Guide

Chapter 1: 2
Chapter 2: 2
Chapter 3: 3
Chapter 4: 2
Chapter 5: 1


ATladyquart The Lady’s Quarters 50GS
The storm is coming. That coat should come in useful.

Complete chapter 5.


AThardtocore Hard to the Core 200GS
What’s different about you? Why are you so brave?

You need to complete the game in under an hour without dying. You can use a backup cloud to reload after death, but mostly this will be a game of memorizing the chapters. The game isn’t difficult, but the controls can be your worst enemy. Perception of where you’re running is hindered by the pesky foreground and background style. Falling to your death seems all too easy in this game. Also some of the sections, even memorized, can become disaster with simple mistakes. Each achievement based on completing a chapter has a video with a speedrun for that chapter. So you may watch those if you’d like. With few errors, you should be able to complete the game within 50 to 55 minutes.


  • Pausing stops the timer
  • Reloading a checkpoint after falling or when you’re about to be grabbed can save you
  • Don’t reload too casually, as the time saves with those restarts
  • The hardest areas are the second and third chapters
  • Cloud and internal saving can be abused but difficult to get to work right


  1. Erase internal save of your game. Start a new game online (this erases your collectibles)
  2. Go offline and get to end of chapter
  3. Go back online, finish chapter
  4. When next chapter starts, go offline
  5. Play normally and if you die, exit the game. Go to manage game and delete all internal storage for saves
  6. Go back online, and relaunch the game choosing to resume. You should be at the start of the chapter,
  7. Always repeat the steps every chapter