In an interview with, Bandai Namco Digital and Marketing VP Hervé Hoerdt discussed the studio’s current plans to transition from handling mostly licensed games to becoming a creator of its own intellectual properties. They’ve dipped their toes in the water in the past couple years, releasing titles such as Little Nightmares and Get Even, but their ultimate goal is to reach a point where half of their new releases are based on original IP. They want to have their own franchises that can go beyond games and be explored “in 360-degrees”, something that can’t be done when you’re a licensee.

So what does this mean for their currently existing properties? One key example mentioned was Little Nightmares, the unsettling puzzle-platformer that was one of last year’s most memorable games. As Hoerdt explains, its potential for growth is not lost on Bandai Namco: “There are a lot of things to come from this IP, and it’s no secret we’re talking with people around the world to make a movie out of it”. He goes on to talk about other potential opportunities like escape rooms, which sounds like a terrifying pairing too perfect not to make a reality. While there’s no telling if these plans will come into fruition, the fact that Bandai Namco is actively trying to expand the series is certainly welcome news.