The time is upon us! Just say NO to cheesy massage simulators and poorly done clones in the indie games section of the market place, and hello to gaming goodness! The uprising is here, and all of us gamers are going to benefit from it!

Many of the XNA developers are tired of being ground into the mud when it comes to some of the games that are in the indie category.   If you are like the average gamer, you have probably already shunned the category thinking it lacks the gaming goodness that you desire.

What you may not know is that games such as Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and the soon to be released Dust: Elysian Tale were made using the same development tools as the rest of the indie games.   You also may not know that not all indie games are massage simulators and junk that you wouldn’t be caught dead playing.

There are a lot of hard working developers there, that are willing to prove to you all (they don’t have to prove to me, I love a lot of games there) that there are games worth playing there.    Robert Boyd (Breath of Death VII) and Luke Schneider (Radiangames) have been leading the charge to get the attention of YOU, the gamer so that you can see there are really great games in the indie category.   There are many gems to be found, and with the uprising here, there are many more coming out this week!

They recently posted up a trailer to showcase all the games that are going to be released within the next 7 days.   It is a trailer of pure awesome, because looking at what they are releasing, there is something for everyone.

Give the trailer a look, and be ready for the awesome!  Indie games are not as crappy as you think, you just need to look a little harder to find the solid gold gems that are hidden within the rough exterior of clones, mediocrity, and massage simulators.