Xbox One’s next system update will be available to Preview Program members in late May or early June, according to Partner Director of Program Management for Xbox Mike Ybarra.

“Win10 Anniversary Update announced at //build will have key gaming features, so next Xbox system update goes to preview end May/early June,” Ybarra tweeted yesterday.

The Xbox One has ran on Windows 10 since the November 2015 update, and Microsoft announced plans to further tie together its gaming console and operating system at last month’s Build conference.

GameStop reports that background music, the Cortana digital assistant and the ability to turn any retail Xbox One into a development kit are among the expected features of the coming update. That last feature was announced as part of the Xbox One strategy before the console even released but seemed to have quietly died off before Microsoft somewhat surprisingly released it in a preview mode last month.

Speaking of previews, Ybarra added that Microsoft’s Xbox team “is always thankful for our Preview members and the amazing feedback they provide. So, thanks!!”

The last update to hit the Preview Program came in early March and it allowed members to purchase Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One; opened up party chat to 16 players; gave Twitch streamers the option to include their party chats in the stream; and added several other smaller features.

Source: @XboxQwik