If you have an Xbox One you now also have a Xbox One dev kit, thanks to a new update for the preview version of the feature that can make any Xbox One become a development kit. Xbox Dev Mode lets anyone turn their Xbox One into a development kit for free, so that anyone interested in developing for the console can now do so with ease.

“Now the Xbox isn’t just for playing, but also for creating awesome content,” said Chris Charla, director of ID@Xbox in an interview with Polygon. “We’re excited to open the Xbox One to everyone so anyone can get started developing.” The Xbox Dev Mode is available to everyone in a preview version but the full release won’t be until summer.

The new feature was promised three years ago but proved more difficult to do than was previously expected. Even though it is free there are some requirements in order to use the new feature, you must join the Windows Insider Program, run Windows 10 on your PC, and also have a wired connection between your PC and Xbox One. If a console does get converted over to a Dev Mode version you may occasionally run into problems running retail versions of games as well. If you have ever wanted to develop a game for Xbox One now it is easier than ever before.

Source: Polygon