Gritty hack-n-slasher, Bloodforge, recently received a title update. The game was launched back in April as part of the Arcade Next promotion and despite its unusual graphics style, didn’t impress us much. Our News Editor Perry Jackson awarded the game a “Try It” score on review, criticising shoddy camera angles and a lackluster story. However developers Climax Studios have taken note and addressed some of the issues, including the camera, with the new patch:

“We’ve read the reviews, heard the feedback, and spent some time to trying to improve on the issues that were highlighted by many of you. We always hoped to entertain with the game and this Title Update is intended to provide a more enjoyable experience to players, and make elements less frustrating.

While not being a complete overhaul, which would have taken Bloodforge away from the vision that we still believe in, we hope this update will manage to address and mitigate several issues present in the original release and will be appreciated by the community.”

Have you tried Bloodforge since the patch was released? Do you feel it’s now worth a “Buy It”? Let us know in the comments section. For full patch notes, hit the jump.

  • The camera swaying motion when moving has been stabilized
  • The camera auto-rotation in combat to frame targeted enemies has been significantly slowed and made smoother
  • Semi-transparency rendering effect added to enemies when they are in front of the camera occluding Crom
  • More health is refilled upon entering a new level
  • More health is granted after death
  • The Wodan fight (‘Land of the Dead’ boss) difficulty has been toned down, to provide a more progressive difficulty across the game
  • Crossbow damage and rate of fire have been decreased to prevent exploiting ranged attacks (which are intended for chaining up combos)
  • Awards and Achievements have been fixed to work and unlock as expected

Source: PlayXBLA