Just a few days ago we were all sent spiraling away from our computer screens, cringing at the news of DTP’s insolvency announcement. Luckily, one way or another, Awesomenauts has pulled through and is loading into its drop pod at this very moment! Months ago, when the game was announced, we were all taken in by Awesomenauts‘ 80s sense of style and catchy theme song. With this latest trailer, that theme is back with 200% more guitar riff! Surely that guitar riff is Ronimo’s way of assuring us everything is not only fine, it’s awesome!

Speaking of awesome, check out our impressions of the game from PAX East if you’re not sure what it is still (by some amazing chance). If you know what it is but aren’t sure how to approach it, or how to play it, check out our XBLA Primer on MOBA for a rundown of the genre to which Awesomenauts belongs and some of its trademark features.