It’s been three weeks since Ronimo Games released details on their first Awesomenaut mercenary, Froggy G. Well the jig is up, because there’s a new sheriff in town: Sheriff Lonestar.

At the heart of the milky way lies the Bovinion system, ruled by a semi intelligent cow-like species. Until recent years, an age-old custom in this society was to scare young Bovinian calves with boogeyman stories about a scary cowboy. Naughty Bovinion calves would, as the story went, be caught by this cowboy’s unrelenting lasso. Recently, a wealthy Bovinian visionary opened up a park where visitors would to see a genetically re-engineered cowboy in action. But disaster struck and the cowboy escaped his cage. Terror shook the Bovinion civilization as the cowboy started to wrangle every single Bovinion on the planet! Once the entire Bovinian civilization had been wrangled, the cowboy, naming himself Sheriff Lonestar, rode a rocketship into the sunset, his job complete. Now Sheriff Lonestar fights as a mercenary in the robot wars, combining his awesome cowboy-powers with high tech weaponry to earn some solar to spend on whisky and cigars.

Like every other character in Awesomenauts, Sheriff Lonestar comes equipped with two basic moves and two more impressive moves. He’s got himself a handy blaster much like Froggy G’s fish and has installed thrusters into his cowboy boots giving him a second jump in the air. Lonestar may be an old fashioned sheriff, but he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to supplement his wrangling skills with some quality tech. But sometimes old fashion works just fine, as Lonestar’s third ability involves chucking some classic, reliable, powerful, explosive dynamite. Last but not least is Lonestar’s raging bull attack, where he uses a holographic training bull to knock back all enemies in a straight line and leave them feelin’ the pain. To supplement his powers some of his upgrades include Cheetah Bullets which increase his blaster’s firing rate, Mister TNT which increases the blast radius of his dynamite, and a Techno Viking Helmet (double reference, one part Internet, one part Swords & Soldiers) which adds damage to his Hyper Bull attack.

From the video it seems as though there are abilities which spawn two extra sticks of dynamite with each toss, as well as one which gives them a flashbang like quality shrinking the field of view of affected player. Looks like Sheriff Lonestar’s going to be a real gunslinger taking out enemies from a distance and pushing enemies away from towers making him a great defender and supporter. According to the order, Clunk the massive robot tank-like character is up next. By now you should be up on what Awesomenauts is, but if not, do check out our interview with co-founder of Ronimo Games, Jasper Koning.