Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is slated as the last game to be released for Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade and is being shown much love. It was on display here recently at E3 for people to play and have questioned answered. Many people took advantage of this situation, quickly taking a liking to it, which is clear through all the positive feedback it has received. Even our own John Laster went hands on and had some really good things to say about it in his Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Preview.

Michel Gagné made a post on his blog yesterday thanking many many people. Saying that if wasn’t for the support of his friends, family and the folks over at Fuelcell Games this project would have never seen the light of day. It took some time, but it is finally finished and is jumping to the top of many radars, having received “best of” nominations in 3 categories: Best Original Game, Best Downloadable Game, Most Original Game. It has also been praised by many sites such as Joystiq, Destructoid, Gamespot, including us, as well as included in many “wanted” style lists.