Team 17 along with a team of veteran game developers under the studio name of Mothership Entertainment, have announced Aven Colony for Xbox One. The game is set to provide players with a rich simulation of an alien colony, allowing you to build, customise, and maintain settlements within Aven Prime, a hostile extra-terrestrial world full of deserts, tundras, badlands.

The game features an extensive dedicated single-player campaign where you’ll need to brave Aven Prime’s harsh environments and prepare for attacks from the locals, including giant acid-spewing sandworms that infect your buildings, and plague spores that can infect your colonists with the plague!

The game aldo includes an immersive sandbox mode which features a variety of unique maps to choose from and a full suite of options. Aven Colony is shooting for a Q2 release date, but you can check out the new trailer below while we wait.