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Fire Pro Wrestling review (XBLA)

By  •  October 2, 2012

Fire Pro Wrestling was developed by Spike Chunsoft Co. and published by Microsoft. It was released on September 21, 2012 for 800 MSP. A copy was provided for review purposes.


Fire Pro Wrestling is a franchise that dates back to the late 1980s and has been met with a strong fan following. Although only three entries have released in the United States, the series has garnered a large cult following. The franchise gained popularity due to its old school, sprite based graphics and its deep combo and customization systems. The last major entry in the series, 2005’s Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the PlayStation 2, gained the series a cult following in the West.

Now, the franchise has returned with the long delayed Fire Pro Wrestling, which repackages with a shiny Avatar wrapping; the game hit XBLA earlier this month. How does it hold up? Is it worth your hard earned MSP? Read on.

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Avatar support to be thanked for Fire Pro Wrestling revival

By  •  September 24, 2012

Fire Pro Wrestling returned to consoles last Friday following a seven year hiatus. However in a break from the traditional look of the franchise, Fire Pro Wrestling on XBLA allows players to create their own wrestler using their Xbox Live Avatar. XBLA Fans recently got together with Yasuhiro Iizuka  from Spike Chunsoft to see what triggered the revival and what inspired the move to Avatar support.

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XBLA Friday: Fire Pro Wrestling, launch day DLC

By  •  September 21, 2012

Fire Pro Wrestling hits digital shelves today as part of an ever-growing trend of Friday Xbox Live Arcade releases. The avatar-based fighter ships with Avatar FameStar support, meaning that …
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Fire Pro Wrestling hitting the mat on September 21

By  •  September 14, 2012
[springboard type=”youtube” id=”335DFB4yw6U” player=”xbla001″ width=”640″ height=”400″ ]

That’s right, next Friday Fire Pro Wrestling will be released. Finally you can pull that luchador mask out of your closet and go all Nacho Libre on your friends, siblings, roommates, or whatever. Over 300 wrestling moves can be used and/or unlocked, and you’ll be able to customize your avatar with over 300 included avatar items. A full campaign mode is included, and you can take your wrestler online for a free-for-all or tag team match over Xbox LIVE. Avatar Famestar support is included as well, meaning that the better you play, the more bragging rights and avatar gear you’ll earn.

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Fire Pro Wrestling shows off Avatar customization

By  •  March 14, 2011

Fire Pro Wrestling has a long history of wrestling games and it’s coming exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade in this new installment. You can customize your Avatar to make …
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Fire Pro Wrestling grapples with XBLA, leaving Japan afterall!

By  •  December 29, 2010

Back in September, Microsoft announced that they had commissioned Japanese developer Spike to create the next title in the Fire Pro Wrestling franchise for the 360 exclusively, notably on XBLA instead of retail, and with avatars instead of stylized 2D character models. What wasn’t announced, was if it would leave Japan. Full story after the break!

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Be A Hero Bundle rounds up three games for 1200 MSP

By  •  July 26, 2013

By now you know the drill. Another bundle with a short expiration date serves up three Xbox Live Arcade games for one low price. This time, it’s the Be A Hero …
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Deal of the Week: Microsoft Publisher special

By  •  June 25, 2013

This week’s Deal of the Week comprises a number of XBLA classics published by Micosoft Studios. The list was announced last week on Major Nelson’s blog but here’s a …
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Pick up Kinect Party for free as the Countdown to 2013 sale commences

By  •  December 18, 2012

Microsoft’s annual Countdown Sale kicks off today (FYI – it’s Modern Warfare 3 today) and in addition to the 24-hour daily deals on offer, a whole host of XBLA …
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Huge “Countdown to 2013” marketplace sale begins December 18

By  •  December 16, 2012

In a blog post he’s since deleted, Xbox Live Director of Programming, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, announced the “Countdown to 2013” sale for the marketplace. The sale, which begins on December 18 and runs through December 31, will see discounts for a raft of content from certain franchises and publishers on both XBLA and the wider marketplace.

Although the official page has been pulled, the folks over at NeoGAF managed to compile a reasonably comprehensive list of the titles to go on sale and the date their discounts will take effect. Unfortunately, Major Nelson never revealed the discounted prices at any stage. But if you hope to catch any of the games or DLC in the list below for cheap, it may pay to stock up on MSP!

However, the fact that the official page has been pulled (even though most of the details are out in the wild) has us at least a little concerned, so maybe try not to pin all your hopes and dreams on the “Countdown to 2013” sale.

The full list of currently known discounted XBLA items follows:

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