Back in September, Microsoft announced that they had commissioned Japanese developer Spike to create the next title in the Fire Pro Wrestling franchise for the 360 exclusively, notably on XBLA instead of retail, and with avatars instead of stylized 2D character models. What wasn’t announced, was if it would leave Japan. Full story after the break!

The series has a colorful history of localization, never leaving Japan until 2000 when BAM Entertainment attempted to port the Gameboy Advance titles to America. But once they folded, another company known as Agetec localized the PS2 titles. Neither times did the series catch on in America, possibly they were just too late to grab America’s attention with professional wrestling (most have moved on to MMA nowadays).

One could almost anticipate a “not for release outside of Japan” for the newest title in the franchise, but that seems to be untrue. Recently (as in yesterday) Australia’s Classification Board rated the game for release, meaning that it is almost 100% certain there will be a worldwide release (or at least in Japan and Australia). Currently slated to be released sometime in the next year, we will keep you updated with more info as it is revealed!