Fire Pro Wrestling hits digital shelves today as part of an ever-growing trend of Friday Xbox Live Arcade releases. The avatar-based fighter ships with Avatar FameStar support, meaning that bragging rights and new avatar gear can be earned through the game. Over 300 unique moves and a closet full of avatar gear allow you to customize your look and play style. You’ll also be able to use any existing avatar gear you have, so if you and a friend want to have a Master Chief vs Ezio Auditore throwdown, you can. 800 MSP is all you’ll need to drop in order to don your virtual luchador mask. Not at home? Queue up the demo here.

Also shipping today is the Fire Pro Wrestling — Legends Series DLC. For 400 MSP you can face off against 20 new wrestlers in 12 new matches. New moves and gear for your wrestler will also unlock. Seems like a decent deal, but the idea of launch day DLC is always a bit unnerving. Just remember, nobody has you pinned to the ground forcing you to buy it.

Or do they?