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Community Game Night: We had an absolute blast playing Hydro Thunder Hurricane with you guys. We hope to do another game night again soon. We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions for the next one.

New Game Announcements: The past week has been full of announcements for new games, including: Fruit Ninja Kinect, Hulu Plus, Pinball FX 2 Tables: Fantastic Four and Sorcerer’s Lair, three new Super Meat Boy levels, and some awesome Telltale games.

Upcoming Release Dates: This Wednesday’s title is Bangai-O HD (May 4), Gatling Gears (May 11)

Reviews: Very busy week for us with three XBLA Game Reviews and a whole lot of indie games: Nin2-Jump (XBLA), The Fancy Pants Adventures review (XBLA), Pinball FX 2 Mars Table (XBLA DLC)Weapon of Choice (XBLIG), SFG Beach Volleyball (XBLIG), Chus Dynasty (XBLIG), OSR Unhinged review (XBLIG), Fortresscraft review (XBLIG), Earth Shaker Review (XBLIG), SFG Soccer Review (XBLIG)

Podcast: Fancy Pants, Section 8 Prejudice, Bastion and Gatling Gears highlight this week’s Podcast.

May 1st:

Nin2-Jump review (XBLA)

Weapon of Choice review (XBLIG)

Thanks for a great playdate!

April 30th:
What we are playing: Week of May 1st

XBLA’s Most Wanted: Star Wars X-Wing Alliance

SFG Beach Volleyball Review (XBLIG)

April 29th:

Community playdate tonight!

Chus Dynasty review (XBLIG)

Pinball FX2 Mars Table Tournament starts today

Pinball FX 2 Mars table review (XBLA DLC)

April 28th:

Fruit Ninja will be flying on to Kinect

Bloodrayne: Betrayal gets first screenshot

Arrow walls are a great way to clean house

Hulu Plus coming to Xbox Live tomorrow with free trial

Fantasic Four coming to Pinball FX 2

Section 8: Prejudice gets its first title update

OSR Unhinged review (XBLIG)

April 27th:

The Fancy Pants Adventures review (XBLA)

3 new Super Meat Boy chapters, one dangerous

Chester get’s new trailer and Kickstarter page

XBLAFancast Episode 10

Telltale Games sign licensing agreement with Microsoft

XBLA Wednesday: Outland, Trouble Witches Neo!, NIN2-Jump

UTV Ignition to publish Mercury Hg

Fortresscraft review (XBLIG)

Hydrophobia Prophecy coming to PC, PSN with XBLA fate unknown

Pinball FX 2 to recieve Sorcerer’s Lair table

‘Splosion Man Rewind Review

April 26th

Dead Rising 2 XBLA titles go on sale

More sales on classic games

Earth Shaker Review (XBLIG)
April 25th:

Section 8: Prejudice dedicated servers now live

I’ve lost my marbles

SFG Soccer Review (XBLIG)